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Phantom Glass

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Phantom Glass is a Canadian startup established in 2013 by Toronto entrepreneur Richard Waters under Proprietary Innovation Labs Inc. Over the past two years, Phantom Glass has redefined the face of screen protectors. Today, our tempered glass screen protector ensures maximum impact and scratch protection for popular smartphones, tablets and cameras. Manufactured with the latest technology of

Corning® Gorilla® Glass, Phantom Glass is the strongest and highest clarity screen protector available in today’s market. It is our goal to

continue to innovate and stay on the pulse of the evolving technology industry.



Phantom Glass has had great success, with over 100 thousand units sold in our first fiscal year. We now offer 100 skus for purchase in over 190 countries online. Launched in March 2015, the Edge-To-Edge line placed Phantom Glass ahead of the competition by mastering screen protection for smartphones with curved displays, including the risk of breakage and the “halo effect.” As of September 1,

2015, Phantom Glassofficially launched the camera line, designed to protect the digital screen for over 90 different camera models.


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phantom glass richard watersAt only 20 years of age, Toronto entrepreneur Richard Waters created an innovative tech product that launched in major retailers across Canada. Phantom Glass™ - the latest in screen protection for mobile devices, including tablets, cell phones and cameras is the last screen protector the everyday consumer will ever need.


Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, the Founder and President of Phantom Glass™ always had a keen eye for business. His entrepreneurial spirit had him unlocking iPhones at a local Starbucks at 13 years old, and later selling prescription eyeglasses to local business with a traveling optometrist. By the age of 18 and owning over 100 mobile devices, Waters was sick and tired of cheap, film stickers on phones and seeing his friends and family with cracked screens.


In 2013, after a year of product development, trial and error, he held a prototype that made all other screen protectors seem obsolete, and Phantom Glass™ was born. Waters funded the project himself, and with humble, homemade packaging and his early prototype, he socially engineered buying meetings with representatives from Staples® Canada and Best Buy®, securing shelf-space across Canada on the spot.


Waters has been featured as one of Notable’s Young Entrepreneurs and has spoken on Global TV about the rise of entrepreneurial youth. In addition to glowing reviews by tech enthusiasts, Phantom Glass was also featured as the most useful item in the 2015 Oscars™ gift bags on Fox Business News.


Waters is constantly looking for the next way he can innovate Phantom Glass™ to reach a new market and wow the tech world. What’s success to Waters? Waking up every day and doing something you love.

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Claim a Lifetime Warranty in 3 easy steps:

Lifetime Warranty



1)        Email warranty@phantom.glass


2)        Upload proof of purchase and a photo of the issue/incident


3)        Pay any shipping and handling fees. Fees vary depending on the country/location




Phantom Glass™ has a no-questions-asked policy for replacements for any damage, chipping or breakage, regardless of its cause.




What Sets Phantom Glass Apart?



1)        We are a Canadian company and proud of it, eh!

2)        We only use the highest quality materials for our products with the thinnest tempered glass (0.2mm)

3)        We spend countless hours on research, development and testing to ensure our product upholds to the Phantom Glass™

standards and exceeds customer satisfaction

4)        Our Silicone Nano-Adhesion layer ensures that Phantom Glass™ installs in under 30 seconds

5)        Our customer service far surpasses the competition with a personal greeting and daily email response time


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